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Ottawa, ON K0A 1T0
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How you can help CCWR succeed


CCWR is a registered charity (#86824 4476 RR0001) and can issue tax receipts for all donations. All of our expenses must be paid for through fundraising. We do not receive any funding from the government for our work and expenses.

CCWR is applying for funding from several sources. Volunteer members have already started the public awareness and education portion of our mission. The recent donation of a large construction site trailer from R.W. Tomlinson brings us several steps closer to opening as a rehabilitation centre.

To become authorized for wildlife rehabilitation, we will need to create fenced enclosures for the wildlife. Our first priority is to have the proper enclosures for orphaned fawns. This will require solid, six-foot high fences. We either need adequate funding to have these fences built (about $20,000) or donated materials and an eager force of volunteers!

Because of the lack of wildlife rehabilitation resources in this region, we expect a need to grow rapidly. We will need at least $200,000 to grow to meet the demand. Funding and community support will determine how quickly we can expand.

Meanwhile, maintaining the care of our resident sanctuary farm animals costs at least $12,000 per year.

Every little bit helps! If you feel the work we are doing deserves your support, please make a donation by either using the DonateNow button at the top of this page or by mailing a cheque to:

    Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge
    2494 Dunrobin Road
    Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1T0


The rescued farm animals in the sanctuary branch of CCWR are guaranteed a safe and healthy environment for the rest of their lives. By sponsoring one of these lovely animals, you can help us with the financial burden of their on-going care.

To sponsor an animal, please visit our Sanctuary page and take a look at our animal profiles.


There is plenty of work to do here and all help is welcome! Some tasks that you may consider taking on are:

  • grooming of farm animals
  • help shearing alpacas and angora goats
  • barn cleaning
  • building raccoon/skunk/squirrel enclosures
  • building/repairing fences
  • fundraising
We can supply the specifications and materials for building enclosures.
Eventually, we will also need volunteers to:
  • prepare and deliver information brochures and newsletter
  • answer phone calls
  • clean wildlife cages, enclosures and supplies
  • perform book keeping and data entry
If you would really like to become part of this project, consider joining the Board of Directors.

To volunteer with CCWR, download a copy of our Volunteer Application Form, complete it and either send it by email or regular mail.

Wish List

We are always happy for donations of the following:

  • clean linens, blankets, towels
  • hay and straw
  • pet food bowls and water bottles
  • garbage bags
  • bleach
  • Canadian Tire money
  • building supplies (for solid wooden fences and hardware cloth for cages)
  • wooden skids/pallets
We would appreciate the donation of:
  • a tractor
  • a used shipping container
  • truck loads of gravel and sand
  • wheel barrows

To offer us any of the above, please send us an email!